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     Puppy News !!!        Swiss Miss Queen Sheba  &  Swiss

                                        Rooster Runner   pups have all gone

                                        to new homes. Thanks and be sure

                                        to check back for more puppy news.

          Thanks,          JG SWISS CHOCOLATE LABRADORS


      Opening Day in Kansas November 12th, 2016. I had the pleasure to hunt behind Swiss Miss
  Queen Sheba, Swiss Miss Duchess Darby, and Swiss Miss Royal Shena.  This year was an 
  unusual year as the temp was very warm. The dust on all the CRP made it really tough on the 
  dogs as the scent was tough to get. There are a lot of bull heads everywhere which slowed the 
  pups some as they kept getting them in their feet. I'm sorry about most opening days that the 
  boys aren't in the pics but my son has a male German Shorthair and males who breed can not
  play well together with other males. I will be hunting quite a bit and you will see some movies
  of them hunting in all that CRP in Kansas.       FYI:  There is quite a bit of WIHA land to hunt this
  year. ( LOTS ).  For those not familiar with WIHA it stands for Walk In Hunting Acces. This means
  you don't need to ask permission to hunt that property. You are not allowed to drive in on this land
  but you can park and walk into some awesome hunting areas. Although some of these WIHA are
  so large you would need an Army to cover all the area. That said, you can find a lot of draws and
  tail water ponds ( mostly dry now ) that will be holding birds as soon as some cold and snow
  arrive. There are birds in Kansas but until winter arrives it takes alot of work to get what you can
  now. Just think of this as some extreme training for your dogs.  Updates will follow. Good Luck to
  all you hunters and enjoy working those dogs.   God Bless,    JG SWISS CHOCOLATE LABS.
 This is Swiss Miss Duchess Darby on her first retrieve.